Outdoor working

Everyday when it’s sunny (about 10 days a year from my house in Durham?) I look from my desk window and wish I could work outside. In my head I have come with up with masses of ideas about portable mini office structures, and how to overcome power, connectivity and glare issues.

Just now, I took my iPad outside to see whether it was affected by the big killer – glare. I put my body between the sun and the screen and I still couldn’t see it. So I went and got an umbrella, stuck it behind me. The problem of glare disappeared. Sometimes you just need to start at the beginning.

So now I have got that sorted, which I assume will also work with my laptop I have only 2 problems left to solve:

– power
– internet connectivity

I can solve the internet connectivity issue by tethering to my iPhone. This is possible for £25 a month with Three (sim only). And so i am left with power. My laptop life lasts only 1 hr and i use it for most of my work: programming, Adobe suite, Skype, Tweet Deck. All heavy power consumers.

This I will work on.. In the meanwhile, can anyone help me it here? I ride my bike everywhere so am thinking about a dynamo.



My girlfriend calls me monkey. This is because I’m quite a hairy and very cheeky. But its also because she knows it annoys me a little bit. Which is fair enough, I deserve this because I call her HitamPudding. Hitam is the word for black in Indonesian and she cannot get her head around the idea that people like to eat blackpudding over here. Am sure they eat worse stuff over there, but anyway..

Here are 2 monkey related things that I find fascinating.

1) Evolution

Humans cannot grasp the scale of big things like Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account or the number of grains of sand on a beach, or even the most enormous thing there is, the universe. This works the other way around too. We find it impossible to visually comprehend tiny things, like the brain of an ant or molecules.

Then there is time. The earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and has turned from lump of rock to globe shaped water filled planet covered by vegetation and animal life. Billions of years later, about 6 million years ago, apes evolved into humans. About 5,500 years ago these humans made civilisations. People struggling to imagine the conditions our grandparents lived in while at war with Germany 60 years ago, let alone 10,000 years ago when they were hunter gatherers.

I find it hard to get my head around the way that nature allowed millions of tiny adaptations over millions of years to turn an ape into a human. I admittedly don’t know too much abut what happened along route but if we can now subjugate monkeys, does that mean humans will evolve into something that has dominion over us?

2) The Ladder

The experiment was on a group 5 Rhesus Monkeys who had some bananas hung from th ceiling out of reach. They then had a pair of ladders put in to the room that reached up to the bananas. Naturally the monkeys climbed the ladder to get the food. However, once a monkey started climbing the ladder all of the other monkeys got sprayed with ice cold water.

This led monkeys to learn that if they climbed the ladder they all got soaked with nasty freezing water.

Then the scientists replaced a monkeys with a new monkey who didnt know the efects of climbing the ladder so obviously had a crack at it. When they got onto ladder they were attacked by the other monkeys. If one of the new monkeys started to climb the ladder they would be attacked as the monkeys who knew about the water and did not want to be sprayed. So the new monkeys learned never to scale the ladder. They learned that if they did they’d be attacked!

New monkeys were swapped in another 3 times, and what they found was that even though the previously new monkeys did not know why they were beaten up for climbing the ladder, they would still join in beating up new monkeys that tried. Mob rule for monkeys.

finally the last monkey was replaced and the effects were the same. a cultural norm had prevailed despite none of them knowing why.

The question is.. Does this happen with human societies? And how can we tell which of of our thoughts are our own and which are inbuilt conditioning?

Teaching my girlfriend to ride a bike!

A nice place to learn to ride a bike

My girlfriend is from Jakarta in Indonesia. Apparently there are no parks and the roads are stuffed full with cars, so she never had a chance to learn. However, she can’t swim either and Indonesia has the most number of islands, so maybe she is just too lazy? Anyhow, I taught her how and took photographic evidence. For some reason the wheels came out cool. I love the photo and it has a great story behind it too. It only took her half a day to get the knack of riding, although she can’t really turn it yet. Lots of little kids were effortlessly riding past her but undeterred she continued and could finally do laps around Stave Hill. I felt like a proud dad.