Outdoor working

Everyday when it’s sunny (about 10 days a year from my house in Durham?) I look from my desk window and wish I could work outside. In my head I have come with up with masses of ideas about portable mini office structures, and how to overcome power, connectivity and glare issues.

Just now, I took my iPad outside to see whether it was affected by the big killer – glare. I put my body between the sun and the screen and I still couldn’t see it. So I went and got an umbrella, stuck it behind me. The problem of glare disappeared. Sometimes you just need to start at the beginning.

So now I have got that sorted, which I assume will also work with my laptop I have only 2 problems left to solve:

– power
– internet connectivity

I can solve the internet connectivity issue by tethering to my iPhone. This is possible for £25 a month with Three (sim only). And so i am left with power. My laptop life lasts only 1 hr and i use it for most of my work: programming, Adobe suite, Skype, Tweet Deck. All heavy power consumers.

This I will work on.. In the meanwhile, can anyone help me it here? I ride my bike everywhere so am thinking about a dynamo.


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