Technology provides freedom

I think I may have accidentally become an Apple fan boy.

Since our company has moved into the app market, we thought it makes sense that we should get an iPad, iPhone, and Android device so that we could actually see what we were producing. We operate at a high level of intelligence in our office!

Since we got them, the iPad has not left my hand. I love it. It provides me with access to the internet that I did not previously have by taking the time to boot up my clunky laptop to browse. The iPad makes everything easy. I use it mainly for consumption – I am on the pulse (literally, with an app called Pulse) with all my favourite news and websites, which have rapidly increased in number to cover all of my interests. I use it check all my email accounts and analytics. I watch tv programs and films on it when I am going to bed. It provides my social networks for use with both business (Twitter) and personal (Facebook). It lets me play loads of cool games. It encourages me to learn through websites like Mixergy (awesome for startup businesses) and iTunes U that have more interesting graphics, animations and diagrams than normal books.

But it is mainly for consumption. For indulging myself in content.

Then I got an iPhone. This has been as much of a revelation to me. I use it as a camera – which is awesome. I have started to make videos so I can provide tutorials with our products to reduce the fear of ‘new product syndrome’. It syncs up to my iPad so I use them both as a calender and since it is always with me, I have alarms going off all day long to remind me what I have to do.

But the most surprising thing I have found is that it has given me the freedom to blog, which is my new favourite hobby – no matter how terrible I am at it. I can blog on the tube, on the train, on the bus, in my bed (importantly as I try and write something before I get out of bed each day). But having an all you can eat data plan makes me feel a sense of liberation to create in the time and spaces that suit me. I have always loved the written word, so I really enjoy making my own and think its very worthwhile to give a back drop of my on-line profile.

So I have accidentally fallen into being an advocate of mobile learning, pure and simply through experience. People like me (God help them) learn best and find creativity in our own time and space. Technology allows us this freedom.


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