How I lost half a stone by changing 2 tiny things

I have lost half a stone since Christmas!! But I haven’t changed very much at all. It’s just the things I have changed are paying dividends!!

First, I stopped eating a proper breakfast. Now I only eat a banana. So much for breakfast being the most important meal of the day! I now think that that statement falls in-line with my previous blogs about people accepting what they are told to easily.

One thing I have noticed that is very surprising about eating far less for breakfast, is that I am no more hungry by midday. All these years it was just a myth. Breakfast is actually not important at all!

The other thing I have done is stopped putting sugar in my coffee. This has had a knock on effect- I now only want to drink “proper” coffee and find that I need less of it. So am down to 2 cups a day. An it tastes so good!

They are the only things I have done! I have literally lost 7lbs!

Small print: before Christmas I had put on a stone by working too hard and eating lots of takeaways. So maybe I am just finding my natural weight again.


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