Killing your own meat

If you were told that you had to kill the next animal you ate, could you do it? What about every time you ate meat?

I stumbled across an article about the strange activities of some high level executives here ( the other day. Among various weird and wonderful things such as jousting and hunting elephants, there was one that really stood out to me. It was Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and his ‘thing’ is that he only eats meat that he kills himself.

I have talked to a few people about this (not the most suitable dinner time topic I learned) and often the first reaction is that it is such a disgusting thing to do. My first thought was very different than that, I was thrilled at the idea.

I think this is such a strong statement on a number of levels.

Before I go on, I will state that I love eating meat and think it is a good thing for us to eat it. But, like the animals that are bred for to be our dinner, we are a highly conditioned species. We do not question things if we enjoy them. If we enjoy an activity, we make excuses to our consciousness that allow us to continue.

So if we had to kill our own meat, I bet a lot of people would rather stop eating it! Would you? If you had to kill a poor, cute little cow that was innocently chilling with his family in a field, just so you could enjoy a burger would you do it? Or would you re-consider it?

So why do I think Mark Zuckerberg’s killing his own meat is so good?

First of all I actually think we should eat less meat. Eating it in just one meal a day would have huge benefits to both ourselves and the planet. How? First of all we would eat more fruit and vegetables. You don’t hear the government telling us to eat more meat, right? But they are always saying to eat more fruit n veg.

If we used the land that livestock was raised on to grow crops, fruit and veg then we would have more food to go around- cows and sheep take up a lot of room. Obviously that is never going to happen and people need to meat, but if a higher proportion of our diets was none meat, then this could be possible. The Japanese live the longest and they mainly eat rice and fish.

The knock on effect of having more vegetation on the land rather than livestock is that we can further help reduce rising CO2 emissions and the earth can breath more easily. Cows also produce a percentage of the methane that is part of the greenhouse gas mix.

But the most significant reason, I thought, that MZ killing his own meat was good, was because it promotes awareness and responsible thoughts. I have few doubts he is not going kill a pig every time he fancies a hotdog, he is going consume food responsibly.

In the west we completely take food for granted. In other parts of the world (and I can’t say this sounds appealing to me) they treat the parts of the animal that can’t feed many people as delicacies eg. Chickens claws. We waste so much of the animals we eat. We don’t kill animals so we can eat them, we rear them to be fat so we can eat meat from their juicy bits and throw away the rest.

I think it is admiral that a public figure such as Zuckerberg is trying to act like a environmentally responsible person and only eating meat knowing from where it has come. I don’t agree that people should only eat meat they kill themselves, but it is good to know you are living responsibly.

My personal reaction to this is that I have started to only eat meat for my evening meal, which is my biggest meal of the day. This is a big change for me.

I also think a corollary is that we should bring back local butchers to villages or only eat responsibly sourced meat from super markets. And I think there should be more information in supermarkets about where our meat comes from. I don’t know, maybe some do already?

I would love responses on this…


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