Learning a new language

Selamat Pagi

I have not blogged much recently because I have been spending a lot of my time learning a new language.

Have you tried using a podcast to learn a language yet? It is amazing!!!

I searched for “learn Indonesian” on iTunes and 2 podcast series appeared. I downloaded both for free. One of them was a set of 45 lessons each about 5 minutes long and although I’m only 6 lessons in, I’m completely amazed at how much I have picked up and how well the technique is for teaching.

Each lesson teaches just a few words and puts them into a sentence and real life situation. They then mix it up a bit so you have to think about what you learned. They then test some of the previous lessons material. It seems like they are training you to be prepared to learn as well as to digest information. And it works.

As I mentioned in my post Learning Spaces, iPhone and devices really expand your opportunities to learn in the times and ways you want. I do a lot of travelling where I can’t do much more than answer emails or make plans, which is why I started blogging. Now I can learn a new language in this time too.

It does raise many questions to me about use of being taught languages in schools if it can be done so effectively outside of school? I guess the same could be said about any subject? If people are motivated towards learning them they will learn. So does this mean that the purpose of school is to motivate learning? To inspire the desire to learn? If so, how much of lessons should be done explaining the reasons to learn rather than the subject matter?


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