Making a product demo video

ok so I am only 3 days in to the experiment but I think I may have some useful results to share already.

I created a video of our products in action. It was simply a screen cast and some music. In it I tried to show as many of our features as possible as fast as possible and at the end made a call to action. I posted it on YouTube and embedded it on our website.

The first day we doubled the number of free trials we gave away. But only from 1 per day, to 2 per day. And we got the same result on the second day. It works!! Then..

On the third day, I was at a board meeting, and got back after a long day of travel and work and went straight to bed. I woke up today and we’d given away 121 free trials!! Unprecedented!

The viral nature of the web is a powerful thing but why had it not happened before?

Everything was the same on our pages except the video. So what is it about video? Or was it just good luck?

My job is now to answer these questions. What I can do is monitor how well the video continues to do and also to make a “better” video, where we give away more value and see how that effects free trials.

If these turn a blank then it may have been luck. If other videos go viral then we are on to a good thing.

Why not try it yourself??


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