Humans of the future

I was just watching this Ted talk

Juan Enriquez gives real life examples of scientists taking a single cell from a mouse and recreating another living mouse.

He states an experiment where some kind of bacteria is put in the brain and followed as it flows around the brain. This can be hooked up to a special electronic device that reads it (not accurate scientific language here) and because it can be dyed in two different colours it can be measured as binary. This, he suggests, could print out the experiences of people, eg learning, love or terror, and recreate human memories.

He then finishes by saying that humans are possibly evolving as we speak- we’ve already evolved 27 times and counting in the millions of years as homo Erectus. Olympic athletes are often found to have a certain gene and cases of autism are becoming more common. He thinks that science will track down the reasons for these cases and begin to able to effect them.

Combine the cloning, printing of memory and being able to harness evolution and what do you get? The potential that we can play a greater role in the future of human kind. This scares me a lot.

Hopefully we’ll end up with a human species that would look after the planet and take care of one another. But if its left to us to do it there is a big chance it wont turn out like that.


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