What we lose by being connected to devices all day

I sit on a train jotting notes on my iPhone. I used to think of train rides as an opportunity to have an interesting chat with a stranger. I’m a Geordie, we love to chat.

The old guy next to me is probably bored. Should I feel guilty for not talking to him? He can’t talk to me because I am “doing something”.

It’s easy to write and be productive with mobile devices. We can create lots of information. Previously notes needed to be written down and then typed up again if they were to be used. I guess the quality was higher if it was worth keeping. I wonder how we can ensure good standards these days? Or is that not the point? Times have changed. People move more quickly between texts.

Do we lose a lot of social interaction by being connected to devices all day? Not really as I am connected to hundreds of people via Twitter and Facebook. But maybe our older generations do.

Having a quick look out the window as we pass over the beautiful Yorkshire Dales tells me I am missing the increasingly rare natural world we live in pass by. Soon I’ll be passing through the old mills and factories of Manchester that began the Industrial Revolution. Its so easy to stare at a small screen and forget. So so easy because I have just been reading about the bits of the world that fascinates me such as scientific innovations and methods of business development. There’s no end of information.

We definitely loose our eye sight from staring at screens. The “tech revolution” will not be complete until natural screens don’t send light directly into our eyes. I also think my brain suffers. If I have spent a full day coding I will struggle to sleep and feel wired.

There are pros and cons of continuous connectivity but right now, while I am still human enough and geordie, I’m going to start a chat and see what happens.


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