Our trip to France

We used TripAdvisor.com to book our holiday recently. We didnt want to stay in just one place so this is a great way to read reviews and boom places quickly and easily.

First stop Paris.

Paris is a cool city. We saw the sites and soaked up the distinct atmosphere. Very different than London. It’s architecture is very uniform throughout and on every street you will find cafes, restaurants and tabacs. I cant imagine much change happens here. I like the fact that the streets were about twice as high as the roads were wide which made you feel enclosed and involved.


A 3 hr train ride to the heat of the south of France to Nimes, which is a beautiful historic city combined with modern artistic landscaping. And it so happened that Radiohead (one of my favourite bands from my youth) were playing a gig in the most well kept Roman ampi-theatre that exists. Well we had to really!


Via an evening in Aix-en-Provence which is a lovely, atmospheric town, we went to a small village called Villecroze in the hills of Provence. Our hotel was an idyllic, green, relaxing, secluded retreat with the nicest French cuisine. Close by was Gorges du Verdon with lush lakes and scenary. I love this part of the world.

Down the road to the large, bustling city of Nice. We got lucky again because we landed on the national France day so we got the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen. Other than we weren’t that impressed as it was big, busy and had some dodgy characters.

We had time to take a day trip to Monaco first where I have never seen so much wealth. Outside the casino was a selection of the best cars ever- Ferraris, Aston Martins and Bentleys just looked normal there. Monte Carlo is nice for a day.

We stayed a couple of nights in Toulon mainly just to escape Nice. It was big but quiet and we got a nice beach to lay on and lovely seafood.

And now we’re back in Paris waiting on replacement travel documents. We used http://www.airbnb.com to rent a room from a lady. It’s gorgeous, in a lovely part of Paris and so much better value than a hotel. I am now sitting on a glorious day, in a chic urban garden, working from my iphone.

France is a cool place. I understand why it’s economy is struggling so much as it all looks the same throughout and I imagine rocking the boat is not the done thing. They seem to replace creativity with high class culture: opera, art and philosophical conversation. This is fine but where does technology fit into this? The internet signal here has been terrible. Websites are weird and all French style rather than simple and funnel based user experience that we are advised to adhere to.

I will add the rest of the photos when I get better internet conection.


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