To Be or Not To Be?

To “be” is to let your mind run free and pour out it’s musings, impulses, or creative urges. It is for yourself, for pleasure, for art. It can be pointless, varied, off the wall. It can be anything.

“Not to be” is to write for an audience or on a specific subject matter. It is writing about technology, fashion, or sport or whatever subject on repeat. Using this method you build a reputation as an expert in a field, you become followed as a source of advice and knowledge.

All the blogs I read are about specific subjects. I go there for that reason. If the writer decided to write about something else, I would probably not read it.

However often I read books by specific authors, no matter the subject. So why not a blog? Is the medium different? Are the readers different?

I Be, with an slant towards Not Being by writing largely about science, entrepreneurship and history. I will likely never build up a large reader base but I will be more free.


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