Stop Eating!

I came home from my extended holiday in France and found out I was a massive fatty. Well, this isn’t strictly true but the holiday food – the extra ice creams, solid evening meals, lots of French pastries etc – had taken their tole. But also, I haven’t been exercising for about 2 months now as I sprained my neck in a judo accident, so I am not feeling healthy and fit.

I came to stay at my parents house for a while and they told me about an interesting diet they are doing. 2 days a week: a Monday and a Wednesday, they don’t eat for 24 hours. Well, they have an evening meal on Sunday’s and then go to bed, and don’t eat until Monday evening, when they have a light meal. You can drink as much as you like.

So I thought: why not. As you will see from many of my other blogs I am all about questioning what we think we know as fact. The common thought here is that if you stop eating as a way of loosing weight, you actually put on weight. At least a couple of my mates have already told me this is what would happen.

But it hasn’t happened. Not yet, at least.

When I did my judo black belt in March 2011 I was in the best shape I’ve been in for years, and I as 12.5 stone. I was lean and in top fitness. Since then it has been a slow increase in weight and decrease in fitness. After my holiday I was up to 13.4 stone – I had previously topped out at 13.8 stone just before Christmas last year. In the first week of fasting for 2 days I lost 2 lbs. I have since lost another 1lb and haven’t weighed myself today. So it definitely works!

And the effects? Zero! I have noticed absolutely nothing in terms of energy or hunger levels. I will say here that on these days I have not been very active.. still recovering from my injury, but I have done the odd walk or whatever. And in terms of hunger levels, nothing!

I’ve truly only noticed one thing: it’s really boring! I love eating. I like the taste of just about every food and the satisfactory feeling of being full. But once you get on with it, you don’t notice a thing.

I am going to keep this up for a long time yet and see if I can reduce my body size and continue on my journey towards a responsible attitude towards food that makes sense to me. Soon though I think I will start testing out adding little tasty snacks to the routine.


Selling peace of mind

If you can sell a tried and tested product you can charge its full worth.

Should you try and sell it at that price before you have flawless proof that it does what it is supposed to.. No matter how much you believe it and customers like it?!

If it will get there, and it is awesome, then charge less and itterate on it. Eventually, when you have a large brand awareness, you become the name people turn to and you can put your price up.

Until you reach the point that customers turn to you and buying from you will give them peace of mind, sell at a lower price.

Am I right or wrong here?


I sometimes think that Seth Godin is a mind reader and has somehow got a tap into my mind that he uses to guide his blog posts. I subscribe to his daily blog post which gets sent to my inbox. 99% of what he says hits the mark and his insights into market and sales is fantastic. I cannot recommend subscribing to him enough. Do it here –

This morning I got this into my inbox from him:

Questions we ask before we trust your new idea

Who are you?

Do I trust you?

Am I afraid of it?

Will this work for me?

Who says it’s important?

What will my peers think?

These are all variations of one complicated thread: how will this process make me feel?

Even though that’s all we care about, marketers seem to think it’s fine to spam, fine to focus on specs and important to talk mostly about price.

So there you go: I was wrong, or perhaps at least missing the point. A good marketeer should be able to let people know why they buy from you, not put the price down until you are the ”go to” product maker.

Date: 01/10/2012

Set Godin in all your vast wisdom, what would you do?? I need you to mind read me again please..

So you don’t want us to race to the bottom. But how much time can you spend with the fluff? I have been editting and re-editting our pages to try and build emotion, give all the correct info, build trust, respect.. everything. But nothing will sell better than a cheaper price! Literally, dropping our price by $2.50 is all it takes. Raising the price by $10 makes them all disappear. How long do I take on the fluff not making money? We get about 1,000 unique visitors a day, which is enough to make changes and see their impact on a daily basis. I say again, price is the difference. I beg someone to tell me how I can sales at a higher price: