Stop Eating!

I came home from my extended holiday in France and found out I was a massive fatty. Well, this isn’t strictly true but the holiday food – the extra ice creams, solid evening meals, lots of French pastries etc – had taken their tole. But also, I haven’t been exercising for about 2 months now as I sprained my neck in a judo accident, so I am not feeling healthy and fit.

I came to stay at my parents house for a while and they told me about an interesting diet they are doing. 2 days a week: a Monday and a Wednesday, they don’t eat for 24 hours. Well, they have an evening meal on Sunday’s and then go to bed, and don’t eat until Monday evening, when they have a light meal. You can drink as much as you like.

So I thought: why not. As you will see from many of my other blogs I am all about questioning what we think we know as fact. The common thought here is that if you stop eating as a way of loosing weight, you actually put on weight. At least a couple of my mates have already told me this is what would happen.

But it hasn’t happened. Not yet, at least.

When I did my judo black belt in March 2011 I was in the best shape I’ve been in for years, and I as 12.5 stone. I was lean and in top fitness. Since then it has been a slow increase in weight and decrease in fitness. After my holiday I was up to 13.4 stone – I had previously topped out at 13.8 stone just before Christmas last year. In the first week of fasting for 2 days I lost 2 lbs. I have since lost another 1lb and haven’t weighed myself today. So it definitely works!

And the effects? Zero! I have noticed absolutely nothing in terms of energy or hunger levels. I will say here that on these days I have not been very active.. still recovering from my injury, but I have done the odd walk or whatever. And in terms of hunger levels, nothing!

I’ve truly only noticed one thing: it’s really boring! I love eating. I like the taste of just about every food and the satisfactory feeling of being full. But once you get on with it, you don’t notice a thing.

I am going to keep this up for a long time yet and see if I can reduce my body size and continue on my journey towards a responsible attitude towards food that makes sense to me. Soon though I think I will start testing out adding little tasty snacks to the routine.


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