Increase Sales with your “About Us” page

Increase sales with About Us page

I recently wrote a blog about how the price of your products should be lower when you first start out because you simply don’t have the case studies and the brand leverage to make you the “go to” company in your niche. Seth Godin promptly blogged (un-relatedly) saying there are many factors that should be looked at to better market and sell your products – lowering price should be avoided if possible. He made some excellent points.

The blog post can be seen here: Selling Peace of Mind

I have since been experimenting with my About Us page on the TimeMaps website (HERE). The differences between my original and my test was enormous! It was the difference between 1 or more orders a day and 0 orders per day.

It’s hard for me to show you what I changed because I deleted it, but by literally adding a couple of lines of text, people seemed to be turned off. When I removed those lines of text, people started purchasing again. This page is not even linked to from the sales page, only the website navigation menu at the top. But it shows so very clearly just how much investigation people do into the business, as much as the product. It also shows just how sensitive your website is and you need to be constantly tweaking and A/B testing EVERYTHING, to ensure it works towards its primary goal of making sales.

The ironic thing for me is that I tried to make the About Us page more “salesy” when it all went wrong. This  suggests that people do not want to be sold to on a sales page, they want to know your simply About You. Of course, this forms the foundation of a study..

I will now begin further tweaks:

– I will try adding a photo of our team,

– I will add more personal histories and how it all began,

– I will make it longer against making it succinct.

These kind of tests will help me learn more about what my user want on this page, and how it influences their sales decisions.

Comments welcome..


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