A Normal Day in The Office


I had cool day today.

I woke up late because being my own boss, I can sleep in if I want and I work better when well slept. So I did.

At 10am I walked in my shorts, shirt n flip flops to hire a Boris Bike to ride into TechHub in Shoreditch. After about 5 minutes of riding in for the first time since I moved flat, I came across a dedicated bike track called the Cycle Superhighway that took me 2 miles directly, away from traffic, right into the centre of London. I never knew such things existed. London was built for me!

I arrived into Techhub and booted up. Found I’d had 3 sales. Nice. My A/B testing is going well and traffic is building. After a couple of hours someone asked me if I wanted some lunch. Say what? Apparently a group of people often cook dinner for each other and they had some left over. I feel like I’m a newbie in the place but what the management team have done there is amazing. Not only is the place top notch and affordable working space in the middle of Silicon Roundabout, in super-cool Shoreditch, but they work hard to make it into a community. They put on events and drinks and encourage lots of participation. And I felt part of it. Which is great for a start up entrepreneur working on their own project which is a hard slog and no-one to share the burden with.

The network effect kicked in and due to lunch and meeting new people I found out that I could get a 1 to 1 meeting with a Google Guru the following day. Yes please! Perhaps they can tell me what is wrong (/or possibly right) with my website where we get 1000 visitors through search engines everyday and yet our top keyword only brings in 15 visitors!? How come we are not competing for bigger hitting search terms?

In the afternoon after a year of being frustrated with a technical problem with my Adverts, I put it out there on TechHub’s Yammer network, which is like an internal Facebook. 3 people with experience replied and it is now on the way to being fixed. It had taken me a year of frustration and their good nature and expertise fixed it in one afternoon. That network alone is probably worth the Techhub registration fee. There are some amazing people in the building and they are all so friendly.

I rode my bike home to Canary Wharf and the sunset across the water was so nice. Used 360 to snap it. Its above. It really needs to be viewed on the occipital website – http://360.io/UEyFn4

So just a normal day in the office really but London really has got it going on for start up businesses!!


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