Startups this week

If you’ ve read this blog before you’ll be aware that I work in a cool place. Its called TechHub (@techhub) and is full of the most exciting, interesting and coolest startup companies in London. So far this week I have met with four businesses/ people that have stood out for me. Maybe it was because their business was solid or maybe because the people in it gave me confidence in them.

Early in the week I was in need of some help with my Google Adwords. Despite having £180 in my account I couldnt get them to show. I got on Yammer and reached out and a girl called Margorita told me to go and show her the problem as she had experience with them. It turns out it was a technical error (as in, not my fault for once) and she sorted me out with some contact details for their support desk. Her company was called Wheely and they made an app where you could turn it on and just tap on a map where you want to go and a taxi journey would be quoted for you- how much, how long. So quick, so simple. She was a smart girl and I reckon it will do very well. It makes peoples life easier.

Then came an Irish guy who, after selling his first software development to the Financial Times, is now making a Twitter app called Career Follow that lets people who are looking for job connect with companies posting vacancies on Twitter. This would give the searcher a head start and an early opportunity to connect as well as showing they are tech savvy. The app filters the huge data feeds of Twitter easily and nicely for the job seeker. Move over Monster..? Not only was it a nifty idea but the brains behind it, Joe, was an unassuming Irish guy with a brain the size of a planet.

The next fascinating conversation I had was with a guy called Kavin originally from South Africa. His company makes a face to face chat feature for apps. Like Skype but within apps. He told me some of his war stories such as landing off a plane in the US to seal a huuuge deal with Yammer, the day it got bought by Microsoft! Deal over. Another one was that he paid £50k for a key to some code which got made open source the following week! But his company was going well and they are looking towards a promising future.

And then today I met a guy for a code problem solving lunch called Phil who is making the most fun app called HelloKaraoke (@hellokaraoke). Not only did he set me on my way with my code, but is a super cool guy working on a great product that is the Draw Something of the karaoke world. I can’t wait for it to kick off for him..

TechHub is full of people on a mission where the goal could literally be a pot of gold (especially the Irish guy!). I did not mean to talk to these people I just bumped into them but no matter who it was the stories would be the same.. people on a mission to carve out some turf on-line and unleash their code made beasts into the war for the limited space infront of eyes and ears.


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