Is gamification so effective because it a parody human parenting?

baby crawling out of a computer

the tech is like a baby

I have touched on this subject briefly before, now I want to talk about it again. I do realise it sounds a bit weird, but I am becoming more convinced that the gamification of technology works well because it is like a parody of a human behaviour.

I was visiting my friends tonight who have just had a little baby girl. She is 3 weeks old and very cute. She would cry when she was hungry to make her parents feed her. If she was agitated they would play with her or rock her. The more she is nurtured and looked after the more likely she will grow healthily.

OK, this is where it might go weird as I struggle to explain myself.

The gamification of computing is everywhere. Even on this WordPress site I get a little badge after I have completed a certain amount of posts or gained new followers. WordPress is rewarding me for nurturing and growing my blog.

Does this reflect the human interaction with their baby? I have a very new, empty blog and the more I look after it, the healthier it will become. Unfortunately I am not the best parent to this blog. But if I had a new baby, the more I fed it (wrote content), and security I give it (build credibility), and encouraged it to learn and play (have people comment), the more healthy it will become.

So, my question seems to be: is the gamification of, well, everything, so popular because it acts like a nurturing parent?


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