Good things that happened today

Good things that happened today:

1) I beat the code I have been working on for ages. It has been a slog but now I know I have got it right, I can farm it out to someone else to add into our other products. How happy I am about this cannot be understated. It is a big update that we believe will attract interest.

2) Although I did not eat any breakfast or lunch, I have had abundant energy and for some reason have been hyper productive all day. I don’t know whether it is because I have recently eaten like a pig and now my body has had a chance to burn it all off without having to deal with my current load, or what.. but it has felt good.

3) Because of this extra energy I won an argument with a guy who I usually loose the argument with because he is so slow and boring I get tired of listening to him and just want to get off the phone. Using my extra energy I talked him into doing some work that will be hopefully be of great value.

4) This evening I went to the judo club that I set up with my mates before I moved to London. It is going incredibly well and they are both making money and have got excellent players on the mat. We worked so hard at this for years and all that is now paying off.

5) I discovered lots of awesome music on .


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