The Opportunity of “Who am I?”

who am I

A picture from a science museum that has no relevance to this article other than the image which is good. But maybe if its still on you should try the museum.

I hang out on Twitter a lot. I can’t say I am that bothered by it but I like to put myself out there, get involved in interesting chats and be considered as someone who is well respected within “my realm”. It would be great to be thought of as someone who can offer help and advice and interesting resources to someone who needs my expertise. The only thing that is holding me back from this is that I have not yet worked out what “my realm” is or what I specialise in. I think that this is often the case with startup founders as we have to become master of everything: product design, marketing, building relationships, strategic thinking, bootstrapping, administration, what else is happening in your field, and much more. I could claim I am a master of startups but I am sure that as soon as I tried to make that claim mine would collapse beneath me.

I used to be the guy who held the flag and said “come with us, this is going to be amazing, sign up here!”, but now I work behind a computer screen and am dwarfed in my industry by experienced pro’s – historians, history teachers and education technologists – who I could not pretend to be like. Or are they really that good? Maybe they just like to appear that way infront of social media? I never understand how they can spend so much time on Twitter when doing such meaty work as I am? Also, does Twitter and social media in general not really mean it matters less what people claim to be as there as so many more voices involved in the discussion? Could social media really expose the facade or reputations that people really claim to have?

I plug away doing what is needed to make our products awesome and to get people to consider them. It is my only aim within my business and it involves many complicated procedures. Maybe there is an opportunity for a business that walks people through the process of “who am I?” so that discussions on social media have more context? There are some attempts, such as, but do they go far enough? I reckon one day this will all be automated. An avatar connects to your life: education, social network, career, interests, sports and more granular information within these things so you don’t need to do anything. Then it would be more clear about who you were dealing with and what they were all about.

Don’t know how all those words came out anyway, I only wanted to point out this resource – – which is awesome! It visualises the world based on statistics rather than land mass. Very interesting.


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