Fact and fiction, going bezerk and Invincible Lions

I wrote a blog for my company website today. I try and stay away from blogging on there as I am not the most clued up about history – other than knowing about what we produce through seemingly endless proof readin. But I thought I would throw one out there and see what people think. 

I passionately believe that to be the best you have to become the master of your realm (I have previously blogged about the difficulty in knowing what your realm is and the opportunity of Who am I). My realm is the weird world of history education. I am slowly learning a huge amount about world history via osmosis from our TimeMap of World History, and Topic TimeMaps. “World History” is like studying the framework on which local history sits. It is the overview, the context, the general brush strokes and trends of how the dynamics of countries changed, inventions had huge impacts, or civilizations rose or fell. So I don’t know too much about what the Roman’s ate, but I know what the main processes were that led to them create a vast and powerful empire, and why it subsequently collapsed. 

In order to catch up in my learning and attempts at having a grasp of my realm, in a way that doesn’t feel like I am working in my leisure time, I have started reading historical fiction books. The one I’ve just read was about the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses. In a nutshell, this guy was a decent bloke and had a massive pet lion. After a while he went to war with the Hittites who were big into going to war. During the fight he went bezerk which is a real life technical term for getting a almost godlike power and managing to slay loads of enemies. He nailed loads of them. But how the war ended is open to interpretation. 

Anyhow, here is the link and it might provide a decent read- TimeMaps History blog


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