(Nefariously Cute) Google Panda Help Sheet – SEO


Google is clever. They use names like “Ice Cream Sandwich” and “Panda” to make us think they are cute. And then make us into slaves that are forced to work hard on the way our content is presented to fit in with them – never mind the initial concept or quality of the content.

I blogged recently about how lame Google is for dealing our fair search engine results.

I have since found out that Google basically recognised that fact and have included big changes in the way it ranks websites. As usual it has not done a good promotion job to those webmasters who are not selling commercial products (directly) by not making this information widely and easily available, unless you are totally on the pulse about SEO, which most people aren’t because of how ineffective “search” has previously been for them.

The new updates, “Panda” (awww your so cute Google how can we despise you for being rubbish and ineffective when you have make names like Ice Cream Sandwich and Panda or -____- as my girlfriend would put it), is attempting to implement usage statistics such as time spent on the website, pages per visit and bounce rate to effect search rankings. This is expected to raise the quality of sites in their results based on user engagement. Hopefully it will be it seems to me to be just as easy to game and will be even better for established companies who get masses of direct traffic to benefit from.

Google has created a list of guidelines for webmasters that can be found HERE. I suggest you take a look or you will be penalised for not spending massive amounts of time tweaking your website.

Note: I am very sceptical in this post and being very sarcastic (am pretty irked at Google at the moment but am usually more upbeat – infact, this was just an off the cuff blog but I did a good one earlier which I will post later. I actually think it is the best one I’ve written to date..), but all this being said I do understand that a top rank for a well typed search term is highly sought after due to its impact of being like a marketing campaign ran for your site every day. I also believe that the extra power that search offers is that people find you, which makes them think that they are in control, as opposed to being cornered by telesales or other direct marketing campaigns. My main concerns are the nature of how difficult it is for small businesses to compete with the large budgets of corporations. In order to be competitive we have give up our time to hone our website in-line with a single companies web guidelines, which in the end take your bright concepts and make them dim.


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