What is your on-line influence?

Klout.com is really interesting. It is trying to give every person on-line a score about how much impact they have. How much klout. When you access it and link up your social media accounts it tells you who influences you and who you influence.

It is obviously not using a good algorhythm as it says I am influenced by people I’ve never even heard of – and my top 3 terms am influenced by are “games”, “iPads”, and “queens”!!???- but maybe thats because my activity is so low I barely register. I weigh in at 42 (.26).. Which is 2 above the median level. So basically I hold no sway at all 😦 (Tell me something I dont know).

If you have a klout of 70 or above thats really strong. 80+ and you is da’man. 90+ you could more or less run for government and stand a good shot a the top job. In terms of popularity at least.

I have heard stories about klout- such as people going to hotels in the US and being upgraded because they have a high klout score. These people will say good things about the hotel and lots of people are willing listeners.

I am doing some research on who are the influential people in my social network for a campaign I am about to run and have found it captivating. It must be not accurate- as from my example- but it does show that if you always click on the most influential person from someones “influencers” and repeat, eventually you get up to some massive on-line presences like O’Reilly Media (80), the NY Times (99), and on to Mitt Romney (91) who I was surprised to find takes most of his influence from Barrack Obama (99). Obama takes his from Joe Biden and also FLOTUS. She takes hers from Beyonce among others.

So yeah, its not accurate and doesn’t represent real influence over a given time period but in general terms it does show influence. And it is very addictive and fun.


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