The ideas Entrepreneurs DON’T follow up..

While I was swimming this morning I was wondering about something.. I have loads of ideas, so so many, and I think that lots of other people do too. Most of these ideas just sit in my head, or maybe I have a conversation about them a few times, but mainly they don’t get acted upon.

I am not saying that all these ideas are good. But what if some of them had some legs? I have always been a creative person and I also have a great deal of start up business experience as well as industry specific experience. One thing I have found, after many ideas fizzling out, is that you really have to only focus on one idea. Use all of your creativity and energy to make this work. It is so incredibly difficult, after a hard days work, to take time away from your hobbies or partner, just chilling out, or whatever, to then start launching a new idea or project.

Yet, entrepreneurs are both creative and know how to get things done, so their ideas/ visions are probably worth something. I think there is a good opportunity here for a re-think into “business as usual”. This area is where real collaboration could be encouraged. Whether it is between entrepreneurs and students, or through some great on-line networks. Or maybe something else. Maybe some kind of internship scheme where entrepreneurs get free labour to support people to run their ideas. Creating some kind of trickle down of ideas as well as skills.

If something that solves this problem exists already, I would love to hear about it. I will gladly throw a few ideas in the pot.


2 thoughts on “The ideas Entrepreneurs DON’T follow up..

  1. There’s definitely a divide between the entrepreneurs who have an idea and pursue it until it’s reality and entrepreneurs who never quite take the next step. This divide separates the doers from the dreamers. The internship idea sounds like a good possibility for getting a business off the ground, but an entrepreneur still has to be committed enough to working day and night along side these interns to guide the business. Interesting post!

    • Thanks for your reply Stephanie.

      Would it take a lot of effort to hand out an idea and prod people in the right direction? I don’t think it would be too time consuming. And even if it was, so long as I had an equity stake I would be willing to provide my time.

      Anyhow, its far from a clear picture as to how it would work yet. Was just putting it out there for discussion..


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