TimeMaps makes its tv debut

The TimeMap of World History, my companies website, was mentioned on BBC Click today. Although it was only given about a minutes worth of footage, we got a nice spike in traffic, of about 4,000 new visitors, all of whom seemed to have a good poke about.

TimeMaps on the BBC

The TimeMap of World History was featured on BBC Click

With this bump, our traffic went over 60,000 visitors this month and the wind certainly seems to be behind the sails at the moment, as our traffic is climbing month on month. It was only 20,000 a month a few months ago.

This is still only one tenth of my target for my first target for the website, as I believe it has real value to anyone who wants to understand more about history- a user base who create millions of web searches everyday. But I am happy with progress as we could not claim to have promoted the website with any real effort yet.

I did contact the journalists who make this program. This is what I did. I did a bit of background research into the presentor/reporter, and found out that she was a really cool, interesting person (she can be found on twitter @katerussell). So when I approached her I made my email short (opening emails must always be short- 2 sentences max!) but funny. I appealed to her fun nature. She replied to me saying that she would take a look at the site. A month or so passed and I thought the contact had fallen into a black hole, so I prompted her and quickly let her know how the site was of benefit to people. That was it, we were on the show. To be honest, I think the product did the selling. It does help to have a unique and super cool website. But still, its not for everyone and you have to get yourself noticed.

In about February of next year I am hoping to dedicate a lot of time to promoting the website in a real way. I am very much looking forward to this. I’ll let people know what is effective.


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