How to build up a local sports club


I continued to have a great weekend today. Not only did my company website makes its tv debut but I attended my home town judo clubs first competition.

This time last year only a few kids were turning up to attend the classes after a crisis struck the club resulting in the head coach being landed in jail. We were downbeat and the club was loosing lots of money.

But we made solid decisions and today was an experience that proved that we have not just brought the club back from the brink, but moved it on to the next level.

How did we do it?

First of all, peace of mind. We always ensured training was on, that it was going to be a good session in a safe environment. Some of the members were heroic in their dedication to this.

To support this, we took the senior members through their coaching qualifications, child safety and first aid courses- and placed the certificates where everyone could see them, right by the entry door. We gave our members the peace of mind, that is essential for any lasting agreement.

Then we got creative. We got a huge print out of “Bearpark Judo Club” and placed it over the windows of the hall we use. This attracted the attention of passers by which certainly led to interest. It took our product from the back shelves of a store on to the front shelf.

We set up a website that was properly thought out to appear for any local searches for judo. We made a facebook group and ensured that it was filled with all the information people need before they came, and put up some videos and photos of us in action. Although I was wearing gi that was too big for me.

Once membership had started to climb, we began to take our members to local competitions to ensure they get good fighting experience which raises the standards of the training. Other clubs now know of us and come along to train with us, and we take our members to their clubs.

We now have 30 -40 weekly members (which fills the hall), a range of seniors and juniors, some excellent players who have great potential and are going out and winning trophies, a great family feel to the club (it is a no -profit, community club) and a healthy bank balance.

I am so proud of what we have achieved and excited about what the future holds. For both TimeMaps and Bearpark Judo Club.


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