Learning Journeys, framing business ideas

Learning Journeys, framing business ideas

The rain guards that protects my legs from dirty puddle water as I ride my bike along Cycle Super Highway on a cold wet December morning, are a marginal gain that turn an awkward journey into a joint fitness and learning opportunity. They are a tool that solves a problem.
My daily ride into Tech Hub from Canary Wharf has become a sacred learning space for me. It used to be an opportunity to just listen to music but now (on the way in at least) it gives me 25 minutes of uninterrupted peddling in which to absorb a podcast on business theory or practise. No matter what the weather, I look forward to that journey.
People often think of business as good ideas to solve problems, but they need to think as much about convenience/ human behaviour. Of ways to make people form habits ideally.
So when thinking about starting your business (on-line), think about the problems you can solve that easily slot into a persons life to give them an easier or better way of doing something? So, what saves people time or money? What gives them something that they need? What gives them peace of mind? No body wants a drill before they buy it, they want to make a hole- start with the problem. Sell the benefits of your solution.
Websites are tools. Especially mobile sites or apps and most people have a smart phone now. The only other thing they are is entertainment. A mix of the 2 is amazing.


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