Asking for more from organisations that get too big to care

Have you ever wondered why there are seemingly obvious things that the government could fix but it doesn’t. Easy examples could be better recycling collection schemes or care for the elderly.

Why do these problems persist? Because they are not accounted for by supply and demand economics. There is no financial gain to look at an economically dependant group and improve their lives. This is also why there are very few, if any, start up companies taking on the challenge.

This apathy towards un-profit making activities happens everywhere without us noticing. Corporations like Microsoft and Google do not innovate in the ways they could because their is no financial incentive.

I read this article today which makes this point very clearly:

Among many good points, it looks at the Cloud. The race is on to make sharing easy, improving speed and making space accessible, but this bypasses years of Moore’s law hammering down prices and increasing the power of processors inside our devices. With this power we could run background semantic activities that improve our individual performance and output. By connecting up and contextualising our previous files and documents we could draw upon greater resources and easily find information. But why do that when the space is moving towards small devices and cloud storage?

I think the article is a must read for any one involved in digital. And the thinking around it can be taken down many routes. What are the opportunities for start ups doing good, not making money? What research has been done into the past offs for providing ancillary cool products? How can the government or big organisations work with businesses for good causes?


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