About Me

Twitter: @jonnybritton

I am a creative, big-thinking, maverick geordie, on the loose in London! I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time and am passionate about giving people the opportunity to achieve their dreams.. despite not really believing that mine will ever come true: Newcastle United winning the Champions League.

I co-founded my first business, TimeMaps, with my father. It makes the entire of world history easy to grasp. It’s now used by over 2 million people a year and the apps we built have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

My second business, Land Technologies, puts back in the world of town planning, which I studied at university and then started my professional career. We make an app called Land Insight, that is a data platform for property developers to find and assess off-market land. It’s going from strength to strength and helping make property development easier to access for more people.

I currently operate from Second Home just off Brick Lane in the tech centre of London: Shoreditch. I love blogging about what is happening in the areas; how technology is making an impact; the crazy or game changing businesses I meet on a daily basis; the theoretical frameworks that are driving innovation; and practical advice for digital entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to chase their big ideas. But I can’t resist mentioning a lot of science and history that is worth knowing.

I was raised in Langley Park, a small village in the north west of Durham in the north east of England. Langley was also the birth place of Bobby Robson, the legendary late Newcastle United and England football manager, and some members of Prefab Sprout, the famous 80’s rock band.

When not behind a screen I can usually be found somewhere between the judo mat (I got my black belt recently which was my greatest achievement to date), Asian food restaurants, up one of the French Alps or exploring a foreign land.


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