My Projects

TimeMaps World History

The TimeMap of World History

Land Insight I am co-founder and CEO of a data visualisation business that aggregates the core data needed to find and assess new land and sites with the potential for development.

Its a fun project, and we have got a juicy market to disrupt.

TimeMaps is my family company that I joined as co-founder and tech lead. It is a hugely ambitious project that aims to make a navigable, visual framework for the history of the world, like a world history atlas for the digital age… and then some.

It currently attracts hundreds of thousands of monthly users, from over 180 countries. We have been invited to present it to the National Council for Social Studies in Washington DC, have been voted the Number 1 Social Studies website, ahead of the National Archives and the British Museum, have been featured on the BBC and, importantly, we have received fan mail from remote parts of the world by people who we given opportunity to learn about the world in a visual structure that makes sense.

Tech London Advocates  I am involved in the Education Working Group of the Tech London Advocates, which is a private sector led coalition of expert individuals from the tech sector and broader community who have committed to championing London’s potential as a world-class hub for tech and digital businesses. It aims to support London start-ups in finding new investment, new talent and achieving high-growth. My role is to co-ordinate a group of passionate and effective leaders from the Education Industry to launch initiatives and collaborate findings to help the whole sector speak with one voice about the future of technology in education, and bring through the next generation of tech leaders.

Bearpark Judo Club is my local judo club. A couple of years ago our head coach left (in dubious circumstances) and the membership evaporated. Only a few senior members turned up each week. We decided to start the club from scratch.

Once we decided to go for it, nothing could stop us. Using simple but effective marketing techniques and concentrating on the benefits we could offer, the club is now one of the most respected in the area with a strong adult and junior membership. Our players regularly win competitions and our dojo is full each week. It has been a great experience to be involved in re-create the club which has been in the community for decades.

Previous Enteprising Projects

Before putting all my focus in to TimeMaps, my team specialised in using innovative solutions to solve problems. We used Augmented Reality to make Christmas Cards for a company, we made Interactive 3D maps for local councils, we made Super Graphic Templates, and helped people make their own future through CMS driven websites and design services.

SKUM (Ski and Snowboard Club of the University of Manchester)
When I was asked to be social secretary for the ski club, the membership was 270, and they took 72 on holiday over the space of the year. I became President the next year and built membership to 450 and took 279 on holiday. It was like a full time job on top of my degree but I loved it and we made loads of money.. that we then had to return to the University. I had a committee of 8 people that I managed well and the whole experience gave me a complete buzz for enterprise. I loved the creative freedom I had and could do things in-line with my vision. And I wanted to make that money for myself!

MUSE (Manchester University Society for Enterprise)
I founded this society when doing my Masters. It was aimed at students who wanted to start their own business. I set it up because I knew I wanted to start a business but I didn’t know what. I hoped I could use it to meet a co-founder.

I ran dragons den type events, put on IP law firm nights, made business challenges, ran problem solving events and tried to forge as much collaboration as possible based on organising people around skill sets. I built a 350 strong student community that went on to form 3 student businesses.


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